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The "Original" Potriser is Made in the USA & Canada 
From 100% Recycled Material

Truly Invisible!

Our “invisible” pot feet are easily fitted to pre-planted pots and are designed to stop skidding and prevent the staining and rotting of decks, patios and surfaces. Potrisers help to prevent root rot and mold by allowing water to easily run out of pots and containers.

Made From Recycled Material 
With A Lifetime Guarantee

Each riser is made in the USA and Canada from 100% recycled vulcanized materials that keeps tires out of landfills. Potrisers are super strong, durable and waterproof. - that’s why all of our risers come with a lifetime guarantee.

Incredibly Strong! 

3 Larger risers will support up to 9,000 pounds, and 4 Standard risers will support up to 1,600 pounds. Potrisers’ claims are tested under credible laboratory conditions. Each Potriser is precision-cut using a CNC Ultrasonic Cutting Machine with surgical sharpened carbide blades to ensure uniformity to meet our quality standards.

Potrisers “invisible” pot feet are so versatile that you can use them around and outside the house for a whole array of uses!  
Potrisers are Available in Two Convenient Sizes and Six Different Packages

Standard Risers 1″x 1″x” 1/2″ ht 

Larger risers 2″x 2″x” 3/4″ ht

Two Convenient Sizes

Potrisers conveniently come in two sizes for all your container and pot needs. We recommend our Standard risers for smaller pots, and our Larger risers for medium to large pots and containers. If you prefer a higher profile use our Larger risers for all size pots:

  • Standard risers 1″x 1″x” 1/2″ ht.

  • Larger risers 2″x 2″x” 3/4″ ht

Multiple Uses - use your imagination!

Potrisers can also be used to balance wobbly tables, level machinery, protect indoor floors from pots… the uses are endless indoor as well as outdoor! If desired, risers can be permanently attached to pots by using a spot of strong glue such as Superglue. How would you use Potrisers?

Note: Potrisers are not recommended for use on vinyl or vinyl composite surfaces that are prone to be marked by rubber products.

Potrisers Benefits
  • Provides crucial drainage needed for healthy plants and helps to avoid root-rot and mold issues

  • Elevates fabric or plastic pots from the bottom of saucers

  • Elevated pots are less likely to freeze and crack in the cold

  • Discourages bug infestations

  • Aids cleaning and prevents water stains 

  • Elevates statuary and prevents scratches

  • Handy home use for a variety of applications

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