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Potrisers For Retailers and Commercial Landscapers

Potrisers are available in bulk packaging SKUs. Please contact us to discuss our range of retail and bulk products and how Potrisers can help your business. 

We are proud that hundreds of independent quality garden centers and retailers across the USA and Canada have been selling Potrisers since 2008. 

Potrisers are manufactured in the USA and Canada using 100% recycled material and have a lifetime warranty. Potrisers is a family-owned company with the mission to provide quality products and customer service that will create 100% customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Terms and Conditions are available on request.



We provide options for displaying Potrisers. Hang with clip strips which is provided in all retail packaging or bulk packaging. All bulk packaging comes with a laminated sell sign.


We welcome inquiries from commercial landscapers, property management companies, etc. regarding bulk purchases. 

"I buy 1,000 at a time! I recommend them under all concrete, ceramic and cast iron pieces so they don’t leave a mark."

"Great product.  Our customers include professional landscapers who work in the very high end Hamptons residential area.  Multi-million dollar homes – they don’t want pot feet that show or stained patios.  Potrisers work and solve their concerns."

"One of the most popular items in our store.  They literally fly out of the door.  Customers buy dozens at a time."

"Great seller!  Can’t keep them in stock!"

"Potrisers are used and loved by most of our customers.  No other product compares."

"We have sold Potrisers at our garden center for the past two years and everyone has loved them.  Instead of having to match a saucer or pot feet to the hundreds of colors of pottery available, the customers love the option of lifting the pottery with Potrisers to save the wood or the deck or just give the pot good air circulation."

"Indestructible! love the fact that they are invisible.  Great alternative to decorative pot feet.  Popular item with our customers."

Connect with us to place an order or to learn more and get a quote!

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We look forward to hearing from you. 

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